Elegant, retractable CONVERS-FLEX monitors from ELEMENT ONE add atmosphere to notarization room

A notary’s office has a special function, it is a place for special occasions. And a notarization room should be a suitably refined, prestigious space, says Thorsten Nees, Managing Director of ELEMENT ONE Multimedia GmbH. And is delighted that the interior designers at bruederl. opted for the retractable CONVERS monitors from ELEMENT ONE when designing such a room.

The notarization room of the notaries Mehler & Dr. Hamberger in Trostberg was brought to life by the perfect interplay of the visionary interior design and the company’s furniture manufacture.

The heart of the room is the oak conference table – a custom-made piece that combines traditional craftsmanship and technical innovation. A single touch is all it takes to extend the six CONVERS 220 Flex monitors integrated into the table. The closing flap is made of burnished brass, the special color of the monitor is black.

The CONVERS FLEX is an exceptionally beautiful and comfortable monitor,” says Nees. Compact in design, just 25 mm thin and made of high-quality stainless steel and glass, it extends vertically when in use and automatically tilts to the desired, preset angle. This provides an optimum view of the required documents and contributes to smooth and stylish communication.When the monitor is retracted, an elegant brass surface remains.