V-FREE – Automatic Touchscreen Disinfection

An automatically retractable (touch)monitor offers fascinating possibilities. One of these is automatic disinfection as soon as the screen retracts at the push of a button.

The need for safety and health integrity are a matter of course today. They determine a professional and well thought-out design of interactive presentation technology.

This is especially true for touch surfaces and for rooms and environments with changing users.

“Pretty clean” | Effective against germs

ELEMENT ONE’s built-in V-FREE technology is available as an option for every vertically retractable touchscreen and monitor in the FOLD! or CONVERS series. The idea and mode of operation is as unique as it is effective.

As soon as the command to retract is given, while the screen disappears as quiet as a whisper, an almost invisible cleaning process begins. The process is repeated when the screen is extended. The only indication that disinfection is underway is a green glowing light bar that shows when the process begins and when it is complete. The monitor is now ready for the next, hygienic use.

The surface treatment with UV-C

With V-FREE, time-consuming, regular manual treatment of the monitor against viruses, bacteria and other germs is in principle no longer necessary.

The surface treatment is done by means of UV-C light and is thus incidentally completely liquid-free. The effectiveness against so called pathogens (bacterias, viruses and other germs) has been tested and confirmed in extensive tests. Monitors equipped with V-FREE
ELEMENT ONE (touch) monitors give every user a good and safe feeling.

Available for the following ELEMENT ONE monitor types

(Other models as well as possibilities for retrofitting are available on request)

Specification Sheet (PDF)