ELEMENT ONE | Moving Monitors | Made in Germany

The latest screen technologies as an essential part of media technology are continuously incorporated into our development processes and are taken into account in the design. The power of innovation and perfect integration has earned us the attention of the world’s most renowned and influential decision-makers. They trust and rely on our screens and integrable monitor solutions – in their meetings, in court hearings, in parliamentary debates and congresses. Our customers include renowned companies and institutions in business, government and politics. Our integratable monitors are used globally, from “A” like “Australia” to “V” like “Vietnam”.

ELEMENT ONE | One of a kind

We don’t shy away from any challenges – we find solutions, individually and just for you. Every detail counts. Every single part, every screw, no matter how small. Every “How can I help you?”. Simply everything. And not just now and then, but worldwide and always. That’s how we work at ELEMENT ONE, that’s how we create unique integratable monitors. And that’s how we’ve created some of the highest quality, most unique products in the entire world. ELEMENT ONE is synonymous with integratable monitors. “We are ELEMENT ONE”

Nothing is harder than simple. Every day we ask ourselves why something is the way it is and how it can be made better. Every product design is questioned until everything superfluous is eliminated – and only the essential, useful and beautiful is left.

In collaboration with the architects and interior designers, we always strive to deliver solid, reliable, quiet and unobtrusive media technology. We want to facilitate communication and discussion in the room.

Discover the Invisible | Solutions from the Inventor

Design and practical innovation have always been an essential part of the ELEMENT ONE ethos. Retractable, integrateable monitors and perfectly designed audio-visual media technology. Made and thought to make meetings more effective. It’s part of our DNA, so to speak. You can feel it in every product, every project, every conversation.

The focus on high-quality materials, technical progress and – of course – exquisitely beautiful aesthetics drive us. It makes ELEMENT ONE the innovator in the field of Integratable Media Technology and Monitors.