The new CONVERS FOLD CONMIC BRASS from ELEMENT ONE is made of gold-colored brass and combines the award-winning monitor features of the FOLD! with the flexible conference technology of the conMIC.

At ELEMENT ONE, we love a challenge. Just like design and traditions. Perhaps that’s why the visible frame of the latest monitor/microphone unit is made of brushed, gold-colored brass. This alloy has been handcrafted by humans for 5,000 years. The workmanship is exacting. However, it is not only the material and color that are special about the new CONVERS FOLD CONMIC BRASS, but also the integrated technology. Because it combines the attractive features of the award-winning retractable FOLD! with the CONMIC microphone lift for gooseneck microphones.

The CONVERS FOLD BRASS CONMIC is primarily not a luxury product. It is a consistent piece of interior design. Gold-colored as it is, it stands out from a clean ‘Bauhaus’ concept – and perhaps for that very reason should not be missing from one.

Thorsten Nees, Managing Director, ELEMENT ONE Multimedia GmbH

Like the FOLD!, the monitor of the CONVERS FOLD BRASS CONMIC floats stylishly and futuristically above the table in the working position. It thus allows contemporary operation and interaction of the touchscreen. The individually adjustable angle offers the best view. Made of wafer-thin glass and aluminum and framed in a brass frame in this new edition, the monitor appeals to all the senses.

With its extensive technical equipment, the CONVERS FOLD CONMIC BRASS is a highly functional, well thought-out unit. Because what makes it particularly valuable is that the shape and dimensions of the frame can be adapted at the factory according to customer requirements and table design.

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