MODIS FIVE – Slim Design Screen, Notebook-like – Integrated Keyboard Lift

Perfect Presentation Collaboration

The new MODIS FIVE’s redesigned aluminum screen has a thickness of only 15mm and is silver-grey in colour. It features a glass front panel with a slim black bezel, carbon embellishments and a distinctive all-round filigree decorative milling frame. Special attention was paid to the slimness and lightness of the screen, helping emphasize both the functionality and visual appeal of the MODIS FIVE as an integrated part of the interior design.

 “The screen is reduced to only what is necessary and fascinatingly beautiful in its functional design.”
Thorsten Nees | Managing Director ELEMENT ONE

Like all MODIS models, the MODIS FIVE was created to be installed in meeting tables and to be integrated seamlessly into the perfect room design.

At the heart of the MODIS FIVE is its built-in electric motor drive. This system allows the screen to open and close with whisper quietness, just like a notebook. Once the screen has opened, a keyboard pad automatically rises to meet the user and provides a complete work experience. The razor-sharp display comes in Full HD resolution as standard, with UHD as an option. Also included as standard is TCP/IP remote-control via a network.

A special feature of the MODIS FIVE are the two stepper motors installed within its motion system. These motors provide very precise control of movement. As well as having the benefit of being quiet and lightweight, stepper motor’s inherent efficiency mean they use very little power helping the MODIS FIVE attain its low overall power consumption figures. This type of motor technology also happens to be very robust so guarantees the screen a long service life.

Available options for the MODIS FIVE are a touch interface and a high-resolution video camera – to increase the unit’s productivity and expands its presentation possibilities.


  • Slim monitor housing aluminum, powder-coated RAL 9006 white aluminium, Carbon cover trim inlay
  • 2 mm tempered & anti-reflective protective cover glass
  • Low installation depth ensures ergonomical knee / legroom below the table installed screen
  • Coatable rearside
  • LightWeight, LowNoise, LowEnergyDesign
  • HDMI and DisplayPort, HDCP compliant
  • FullHD and UHD/4K resolution
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • 2x stepper motors 12V & precise mechanics
  • Electronic clamping protection plus mechanical protection in case of incorrect operation
  • Optionally with a variety of additional functions expandable, such as camera, touch screen, connector …

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