CONVIS – Versatile Conference TouchMonitor

Monitors of the CONVIS series are designed and intended to be the perfect preview, co-viewing and collaboration monitor, but also the ideal control screen. It is therefore naturally also available with a precise touch surface. The operation is intuitive, the installation is simple. Simply good.


Low Profile Design | 60° 30° Inclination

It is you choice: CONVIS is available in the size 10.1″ – 15.6″

The CONVIS 125 version with comfortable 30° or with low profile 60° inclination of its 8mm slim Monitor. With or without touch functionality, with or without integrated conference microphone. Again: It is your choice.

The CONVIS 156/30 is just right: it is small enough to be positioned quickly and flexibly, and large enough to read the information on it comfortably. It is elegantly designed and the materials are of high quality.

The CONVIS 101/30 impresses with its clean, consistent and unique design. As the now smallest monitor of the CONVIS series, this ultra-thin monitor is precision-crafted from a single block of aluminum.


Excellent Material

The CONVIS impresses with its clear, consequent and unique design. The wafer-thin monitor is milled from a single block of aluminum. Equipped with a real glass front panel and the flat back, it is only 8mm slim. The brilliant up to FullHD monitor is installed on a solid base with a choice of 30° or 60° monitor tilt angle for ergonomic viewing.

Excellent Low profile
comfortable view
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Compact Preview Monitor required?

Designed for applications where the smallest dimensions and low profile are required. The CONVIS is made for flexible use in e.g. meeting rooms, conference rooms, entrance halls, sales rooms and plenary rooms.

CONVIS is both elegant and solid. This is what a compact monitor for multifunctional rooms must look like.

Color up your Meeting

Optionally with integrated conference technology, LED illumination on demand and available in many different anodized colors: CONVIS meets your technological and visual requirements.


  • Available in three different sizes: 10.1″, 12.5″, 15.6″
  • Ultra Thin BLADE Monitor Housing 8 mm
  • 60° or 30° fixed Monitor inclination
  • 2 mm Anti-reflective safety glass
  • Compact Housing Dimensions
  • Milled aluminum, brushed, silver anodized Monitor-Housing
  • Multipoint Touch Overlay (option)
  • LED illumination in the base of the device (option)
  • Integrated conference components – such as microphone, speaker, voting & selection buttons (option)
  • Passive Cooling without Ventilation Openings
  • HDMI HDCP compliant; FullHD or WXGA (CONVIS 101/30)
  • EMC + EMV protected
  • Maintenance free
  • 5 years limited warranty

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