Conference Displays – New CONVIS sizes – 15.6″ and 10.1″

The CONVIS 156/30 is just right: it is small enough to be positioned quickly and flexibly, and large enough to read the information on it comfortably. It is elegantly designed and the materials are of high quality.

The CONVIS 101/30 impresses with its clean, consistent and unique design. As the now smallest monitor of the CONVIS series, this ultra-thin monitor is precision-crafted from a single block of aluminum.

With a tempered glass front and flat back, both monitors are just 8mm slim. The crystal clear 15.6 and 10.1 inch monitor is mounted on a sturdy stand that allows a 30° tilt angle for ergonomic viewing.

“Vision is possible”

A successful combination of aesthetics and robustness. This is how the new compact monitors present themselves for versatilely used rooms.

Monitors of the CONVIS series are designed and intended to be the perfect preview, co-viewing and collaboration monitor, but also the ideal control screen. It is therefore naturally also available with a precise touch surface. The operation is intuitive, the installation is simple. Simply good.