SILVERLINE – Architectural solution implements customer requirements down to the smallest detail

The SILVERLINE was developed by ELEMENT ONE as a “silver lining to customer wishes“. The meeting lives from the interaction of all senses; it is about hearing and being heard, seeing and being seen. In the opinion of ELEMENT ONE, perfectly – i.e. harmoniously and attractively – integrated audiovisual equipment contributes significantly to this. SILVERLINE devices, defined individually for each customer, implement this requirement.

The mounting frames of ELEMENT ONE’s CONVERS or FOLD! touch monitors, which can be retracted into the table, have always the same depth, as do those of the SOCKET-X connector panel and the CONMIC microphone lift.

“We are able to supply our equipment completely combined and to take into account individual customer wishes with regard to equipment and surface design. The result is a so-called Silverline device.”

RALF kUECHEL, Head of pRODUCT DESIGN at element one

“Silver” – because the extension is usually in silver stainless steel and “Line” – because the interior designer or table manufacturer gets a completely designed and equipped technology line in the table, instead of having to integrate several units independently. The SILVERLINE is a combined unit in a 10 cm wide stainless steel line – if required, several such units can be installed one behind the other – with radius or dead straight, across corners, in the middle or in several rows.

Contractors, designers or architects define all customizations from the desired length to color and coating to function. Additional control elements, camera, loudspeaker, microphone or supplementary conference technology – everything is possible with SILVERLINE. In the process, SILVERLINE makes table design “calmer” and the work of the designer and (table) manufacturer easier: “He knows exactly where the technology line will be located in the table.