Permanent ELEMENT ONE Showroom in Barcelona

Shared interest connects – ELEMENT ONE enters into partnership with Zublick in Spain

Zublick and ELEMENT ONE share a common understanding of architectural media technology and have now become partners. As a distribution partner of ELEMENT ONE in Spain, Zublick offers its customers a showroom in Barcelona, which has been officially and ceremoniously opened on June 22, 2024. Advice and service are now easy available to interested parties. This means that the developer of retractable monitors and innovator from Germany now also has a presence in Spain.

“This showroom means a lot to us, especially because it perfectly represents the spirit of ELEMENT ONE’s unique ideas, inventions and design.”

Thorsten Nees – Managing Director ELEMENT ONE
ELEMENT ONE Showroom by ZUBLICK – C/ de Pere IV, 38, Sant Martí, Barcelona – 30m from the metro station L4 Bogatell

Zublick specializes in the unobtrusive integration of audiovisual systems in residential and commercial spaces. The Spanish company’s aim is to keep rooms free of unnecessary sources of information – monitors only appear when needed, so that personal communication, the view from the window or the beauty of the interior can be enjoyed freely. The retractable monitors from ELEMENT ONE are an ideal solution here. When they are needed and extended, they fit stylishly and elegantly into the room concept.

Zublick’s employees are AV professionals and are particularly familiar with the interplay of interior design and hidden presentation and conference technology in communication rooms.”

Thorsten Nees – Managing Director ELEMENT ONE

In addition, Barcelona is a center and hub for business with Spanish-speaking Central and South America as well as a business destination for AV specialists from the Middle East. The partnership with Zublick strengthens the German company’s communication and supply of these strong markets.

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