FOLD! – floating monitor – new size

ELEMENT ONE launches FOLD! 240 with impressively larger touch monitor

Patented, multiple award-winning and celebrated by customers: With the FOLD! in 2018, ELEMENT ONE had launched a unique retractable monitor that floats above the table as an elegant tablet when extended. The idea – to combine the best of all worlds.

Now the smart monitor comes as the FOLD! 240 with a 23.8 inch diagonal and considerably larger than the FOLD! 173, which at 17.3″ already offers a much more comfortable field of view than a conventional tablet.

With 23.8 inch, we have designed what we believe is technically feasible and makes maximum sense in terms of ergonomics and space requirements“, says Thorsten Nees, Managing Director of ELEMENT ONE Multimedia GmbH, the inventor of this type of movement for touchscreens.

Futuristic design plus sophisticated functionality

The FOLD!, which has won several awards, impresses with its design. In Nees’ experience, its visual appeal appeals to all the senses and impresses everyone without exception who has experienced it live.

A wafer-thin display made of milled and anodized aluminum, tempered glass and stainless steel floats lightly above the table surface in front of the user – a visual highlight in any room. With a tilt angle of between 15 and 90 degrees, the FOLD! always enables the ideal working position and makes digital information easy to read.

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