CONNECT by Mindstec Dubai | 18. October 2023

Exclusive evening event for ProAV technology in Dubai with ELEMENT ONE as specialist partner

On behalf of our Distribution Partner Mindstec, we are pleased to invite you to the high profile evening event for ProAV technology in Dubai, which will take place on 18/10/2023, 6:30pm at HEADLINES EXECUTIVE at Ibis Dubai Worldtrade Center. This event promises not only inspiring speakers and networking opportunities, but also the presence of ELEMENT ONE, the innovation leader in retractable touchscreens from Germany.

“ELEMENT ONE presents …”

Witness the latest innovations from ELEMENT ONE. See firsthand how retractable touchscreens and presentation systems are transforming meeting room designs.

The CONNECT by Mindstec event features top-notch speakers who will shed light on the future of ProAV technology. Immerse yourself in the world of audiovisual innovation. Take advantage of the evening’s networking opportunities. Make valuable contacts and exchange ideas with like-minded people from the industry and the region.

Please register by 10/15 to ensure you secure your spot at this unique event. Discover the future. Meet the team of our Pro-Partner Mindstec and experience ProAV technology with ELEMENT ONE!

For more information and to register, visit REGISTRATION CONNECT.

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