SOCKET-X Connector Panel – “Another Dimension”

A connector panel is required in every installation. But why does it always have to be so large and so wide, the developers at ELEMENT ONE asked themselves. In other words, other dimensions were needed. Small, light, with a new type of magnetic closure and various possible surfaces, the SOCKET-X supplements the ELEMENT ONE range with a technically and visually successful table connector panel in the well-known quality. The SOCKET-X is harmoniously adapted to the manufacturer’s integrable flat screens in terms of dimensions and appearance.

In addition to interactive communication systems, there is a need for plug-in panels in every meeting and conference room to connect audio, video, power or network. “The desktop connector panels available on the market never met our requirements in terms of design and quality,” says Managing Director Thorsten Nees. “Construction and dimensions were not matching, but above all, the surfaces could not be combined visually with the monitors.

The housing of the ELEMENT ONE table connector panel is made of aluminum and stainless steel. In addition to aluminum and stainless steel, almost any desired coating can be selected for the visible surface to ensure individual room design. Various metals are possible as well as wood, linoleum or resopal. And the icing on the cake is the optional integrated LED lighting.

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