Prime Minister Meeting Room Kazakhstan with robotlike FOLD! Touchscreens

When the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan invites you to a meeting to discuss equipment choice for his new state-of-the-art conference room, you know important decisions are pending. The desired vision was for sleek motorised monitors to automatically extend in perfect synchronicity out of the table and place themselves in front of the participant at a comfortable working distance. This complex and exacting brief was achieved by using the Element One FOLD! motorised screen solution. These stylish retractable monitors which hover over the table like a tablet after extension were installed within the existing tables.

„Elegant Functionality“

Meeting rooms are not only defined by their functionality, just as importantly they are places where people meet. Therefore, in addition to the versatility of the audio-visual technology within the room, it’s appearance plays a special role.

At Element One, the monitors combine both impeccable design & technical standards with an aesthetically pleasing yet ergonomic user experience. When in operation, the smooth mechanical movement of our new FOLD! monitor is simply sublime.

„Functional Elegance“

So goes the futuristic looking FOLD! Like a robotic arm pointing forward and hovering at any desired angle for the best viewing experience. Equipped with a touch display, it can also be used like a tablet. Nevertheless, it is not a single device but part of a media-technology solution, with all the functionality and security features required to deliver the level of privacy needed for a meeting or conference room. At 17.3“ in size, it’s also larger than a conventional tablet, and due to this size offers a much more comfortable and versatile field of view, it’s revolutionary articulated design means that it’s the first of its kind in the world!

Given its precise and beautifully crafted optics made from wafer thin aluminum and glass, the FOLD! has the ability to appeal to all the senses of the assembled participants engaged in the conversation experience. The capability of the FOLD! also facilitates very effective communication, and leads to an overall positive delegate expe-
rience, with the increased work efficiency this brings.