V-FREE technology from ELEMENT ONE eliminates germs on monitors

The need for safety and health integrity has grown significantly again in recent years – even in the professional environment, where a large part of one’s life is spent. With V-FREE, ELEMENT ONE has developed a technology that eliminates viruses, bacteria and other germs on monitors. The new automatic surface disinfection by means of UV-C is optionally available for all models of the CONVERS and FOLD! series.

“Especially for touch surfaces in rooms with frequently changing users, V-FREE ensures a good feeling,” says Thorsten Nees, Managing Director of ELEMENT ONE Multimedia GmbH. With the adaptation of UV-C disinfection, the specialist for interactive presentation technology has once again expanded the possibilities of automatically retractable touch monitors. “And it just makes sense, since we move the monitors into a housing anyway.

The sterilization of germs with UV-C is known, for example, from the automatic disinfection of air purifiers or from the handrails on escalators. The technology is generally not harmless. For example, the light must not hit the unprotected eye. Therefore, various protective switches and seals on ELEMENT ONE monitors ensure risk-free use, and as soon as the housing is opened, the V-FREE function is automatically switched off.

Our idea and the way it works is as unique as it is effective.” As soon as the whisper-quiet retraction of the screen takes place, the almost invisible cleaning begins. This is completely liquid-free; its effectiveness tested and confirmed in extensive tests. The disinfection process is repeated when the screen is extended. The only indication of the cleaning treatment is a green light bar that shows when the process begins and when it is complete. After extension, the monitor is then ready for the next, hygienic use.

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