Akim´s Situation Center with foldable touchscreens

Akim’s Situation Center, Aktobe region, Kazakhstan, is equipped with 21 robotlike retractable touchscreens FOLD! 2.0. now.

The major meeting room is designed for presentation and re-presentation. It was implemented by System Integrator and ELEMENT ONE Pro-Partner POLYMEDIA in Kazakhstan.

A room with a total area of 229 sq m was allocated to the situation hall. There is a desk for 21 seats, 50 seats for guests, and behind the partition there is a server room and a room of the operator of the meeting with translators.

Decorative lighting equipment is built into the ceilings 6 meters high, and carpeted is also installed as a flooring on the false floor.

The wall is made of a combination of wall panels with brass framing and LED lighting. The wall behind the head is decorated with a combination of LED and brass inserts, and opposite a seamless LED screen.

This project is a comprehensive solution that includes the integration of AV and IT technologies. Polymedia’s team worked with the customer throughout the presentation chain, from the analysis of key indicators, data collection and processing to their visualization in the form of visual dashboards on the most modern audiovisual equipment. The combination of AV and IT systems has enabled the customer to provide a complete and ergonomic solution to manage the area.

Both product FOLD! and project are on the shortlist at the Inavation awards 2021.