Representative Deloitte Boardroom in Cyprus with motorized 24″ screens

The boardroom of Deloitte in Nicosia, Cyprus is extremely stylish. A circular room, in one of the upper floors of the Deloitte building, with a huge arched glass front and a view of the city, darkened and illuminated in blue. To emphasize its representative character, the company has now modernized the audiovisual media landscape of the 10-year-old boardroom.

In order to upgrade the existing AV system in the conference room, retractable CONVERS ONE G 240 monitors from the specialist for retractable monitors ELEMENT ONE Multimedia GmbH were installed in the conference table, as well as the iTop OnWall – Universal Wall Docking Station on the wall side.

With the docking station from iRoom, the outdated Crestron TPS-6X touch panel was replaced and an iPad with the Crestron app was mounted on the wall. Deloitte also found that monitor technology has come a long way in the last 10 years.

“For more appealing presentations, they wanted to switch to larger monitors with digital video distribution in a 16:9 ratio.”

Takis Sarikas, Managing Director of the Lifestyle Technologies system house and overall manager of the project.

As the management had been very satisfied with the originally installed smaller 19″ 4:3 retractable monitors from ELEMENT ONE and the overall functionality of the room for years, the solution specialist Lifestyle Technologies was consulted again. Together with the client and Thorsten Nees, managing director of ELEMENT ONE Multimedia GmbH, feasibility and possibilities were evaluated on site.

The CONVERS ONE G 240 from ELEMENT ONE with its end-to-end glass surface and an aluminum housing in the special color black is not only an elegant addition to the room, but also offers all the necessary AV interfaces. It features Join+Loop video distribution (daisy-chain signal forwarding); in addition, the 24-inch pop-up screens are factory-fitted with HDMI feed point and “Show me” button to conveniently share screen content. The flat screens with FullHD resolution allow meeting participants to view presentations together ergonomically at the circular meeting table.

The high image quality in addition to the great user-friendliness offered by the push buttons next to the screen are inspiring and offer the possibility for flexible, demand-oriented use of space.

“At meetings, participants no longer have the need to access the central projection system only. They are much more flexible to present content.”