GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021 for the FOLD! 2.0

The FOLD! 2.0 from ELEMENT ONE has won the internationally prestigious GOOD DESIGN Award 2021. The “Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design” annually honors exceptionally successful designs for contemporary industrial design.

The jury, made up of global designers and architects, gave reasons for its decision. “The FOLD! 2.0 overcomes effectively the issue around retractable touchmonitors being too far away from the user to be operated effectively”

At the touch of a button or via TCP/IP remote control the FOLD! 2.0‘s wafer thin touchscreen glides out to meet you and hovers a few millimetres above the desk surface. And when it is not needed it elegantly and seamlessly retracts as its robotic arm draws the screen back inside its enclosure.

The user can adjust and pre-adjust the screen distance and viewing angle. FOLD! 2.0 provides smallest possible dimensions, low power consumption and near silent operating noise level. It can be connected to any video and USB source to complete a modern AV system design and ensure ist convenient use.

The ability of the touchscreen to travel forward to meet the user allows installers to mount the FOLD! 2.0 further back in the desk than was previously possible and still have it within usable range.