CONVERS BLADE – 8mm thin Retractable TouchMonitor | 4K or FullHD

Piece of Jewelry Masterpiece

Available with up to 4K display resolution the CONVERS BLADE is designed to be an unobtrusive eye-catcher. It is handcrafted and looks like all of a piece. Anodized Aluminum, brillant Glass, neat stainless.

Wafer-thin, highly precise, high definition

With its elegant 8 mm Monitor housing the CONVERS BLADE is a unique gem. The Monitor appears whisper silent – driven by most accurat stepper motors and remote controllable via TCP/IP commands or dry contact. Comfortable.

Made for Meetings - Made in Germany

The CONVERS BLADE is one of a kind. The electronical and mechanical components are state of the art. The entire unit provides both low power consumption and unrivaled durability.


  • Monitor inclination up to 30°
  • Ultra Thin BLADE Monitor Housing 8 mm 
  • 2 mm Anti-reflective safety glass
  • Brushed stainless steel decorative frame and closure flap milled aluminum, brushed, silver anodized Monitor-Housing
  • Passive Cooling without Ventilation Openings
  • DirectAxleAccess for manual motion
  • HDMI HDCP compliant 
  • FullHD or 4K Resolution (native)
  • Maintenance free 
  • Digital Stepper 12V Motor
  • Electronical Clamping Protection
  • Electronical & Acustical Diagnose System 
  • Durable HighFlex Cables 
  • Integrated Universal Mounting Rails 
  • All-Aluminum Body 
  • Smart Cable & Connection Location 
  • Mechanical protection against manual misoperation 
  • EMC + EMV protected 
  • HydraulicSaveSystem against mechanical malfunction 
  • Compact Housing Dimensions
  • 5 years limited warranty 

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