“Just plug in”

How to create an ELEMENT ONE design-matching connector box? The answer is the unique SOCKET-X:
The SOCKET-X 230 is the biggest version in the range. Basically the SOCKET-X are available in three different lengths and most versatile in terms of available sockets and interfaces for Audio, Video, Power, Ethernet and data. Simply make your choice.


The surface matches to your ELEMENT ONE monitor and microphone installation.
It is available in countless materials, colors and coatings – and beautiful illuminated by the built-in LED light. The SOCKET-X is equipped with an innovative magnetical multipart cover flap with integrated cable outlet.
The major advantage is the compact dimension. With its total (visible) width of only 100mm and an installation depth of max. 75mm the required space of the box is reduced to the minimum.

More features

– Compact size, 230 x 100mm
– Width of SOCKET-X = Width of ELEMENT ONE CONVERS (100 mm)
– Also available as integrated, seamless CONVERS-SOCKET-X unit
– Modular Socket Elements
– Magnetic Lock to open/close flap and for easy wiring
– sustainable materials: Used Plastics are bio-degradable and food safe

– Aluminum or stainless (option) closure flap
– Plastic frame for complete electrical decoupling of the components.
– LED Illumination (optional).
– 5 years limited warranty on mechanics
– LowProfileDesign
– Compact Housing Dimensions
– Maintenance free


General Specs - Base Unit SOCKET-X 230

Furniture integratable Table Socket Connection box. Inner and outer surface anodized SILVER (E6EV1).
Sockets are not included.

Plug Specification

1x POWER-Socket
4x grid plates
2x POWER-Sockets
6x grid plates
You can select your configuration from a list of modules

Mechanical Specs

Weight: approx. 450 grams
Dimensions: 230x 100 mm (LxW)
Material: PA12 black, aluminum silver anodized E6EV1

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