compact & versatile

12.5" FullHD Monitor and robust design. All that remains is when the monitor, which is milled from the full material, disappears in nothingness, is a flat table surface. With a small push on a button, the coated alu-monitor moves out of the closed aluminum housing located under the table surface. With the (optional) tilt version, it automatically tends to the preset angle.

More features

Surface Powder Coating Silver RAL 9006 White-Alu, silk-mat
Optimal antireflection coating because of synthetic surface
Resistant Special-Coating
Massive Aluminum Monitor-Housing

Passive Cooling without Ventilation Openings
DirectAxleAccess for manual movement
HDMI HDCP compliant
FullHD Resolution and higher
Maintenance free

5 years limited warranty
Digital Stepper 12V Motor Technique
Electronical Clamping Protection
German Precision Mechanism
Electronical & Acoustical Diagnose System
Durable HighFlex Cables
Integrated Universal Mounting Rails
All-Aluminum Body
Smart Cable & Connection Location
Mechanical protection against manual misoperation
EMC + EMV protected
HydraulicSaveSystem against mechanical malfunction
Compact Housing Dimensions



Vertically Retractable Monitor with 30° monitor inclination. Furniture integratable 12.5" monitor system with electronical movement mechanism / lifting of the display. Control via buttons on the device or via remote control interface.; Separate electromotive adjustment both pre-adjustable and individually by the user adjustable, programmable tilt angle.
screen size: 12.5" (16:9)
Resolution:1.920x1080 - FullHD, 6-bit, 262,144 colors
Brightness: 400 cd/m2
Contrast: (typ.) 700:1
Viewing Angle: Horizontal 160 ° / vertical 160°
LED Life: up to 50,000 hours
Weight: approx. 10 kg
Dimensions: 530 x 100 x 586 mm (LxWxD)
Power Consumption: 15 Watts
Power Consumption Display:
OFF: 0.12 Watts, Sleep: 0.60 Watts, ON: 19 Watts
Inclination Angle: up to 15°
Dual Stepper Motors: Display Movement, Tilt-Function
Video Interface: 1xHDMI,
(optional: 1x Displayport)
Remote Interface:
9-pin d-sub serial

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