Moving Monitors sell Cars

BMW Reisacher in Bavaria equips showroom with retractable monitors from ELEMENT ONE and presents exclusive brand worlds holistically

Cars inspire. The classic as well as modern models. The way a car is presented plays a decisive role in its effect on the viewer.

“For the perfect first impression, you only have one chance. Moving images on a moving monitor enable an impressive experience and create a lasting impression. “

Thorsten Nees, Managing Director of ELEMENT ONE

The monitor used for the presentation must emphasize the value of the car. At the same time it must invite people to look at the vehicle and read the information. This means that the presentation technology must be as fascinating as the vehicle itself.

Moving monitors invite visitors to linger and marvel. The FOLD!, for example, extends automatically and whisper-quietly in front of the viewer and takes him or her on a crystal-clear virtual journey by means of gripping photos, exciting stories and moving images.

The retractable monitors of ELEMENT ONE provide all desired information at the push of a button. At the same time, they are intuitive to operate and robust. Thanks to individual design options in terms of material and equipment, they meet a wide range of requirements and form the basis for multifunctional premises.

Car dealership of the future

With the intention of creating a high-quality experience for customers and employees, BMW Reisacher, for example, relies on a high-quality design and technically innovative equipment in the design of its new showroom, which meets the highest standards of digitalization and sustainability. The integrated monitors MODIS FLEX help to present and experience the exclusive car brand worlds in a holistic way.

(Fotos: Reisacher/Counter)