Luxury Hotel Reception in Berlin – Hidden Touchscreen & Perfect Impression

The first impression is essential. Material, impression, elegance are the beginning of a great experience. This consistently includes the almost invisible technology. 

“Is it the right hotel? Will my requirements be met? Am I in the right place and do I feel comfortable?” These and many other thoughts run through the hotel guest’s mind upon arrival. It is important to send the right signal right from the start. Welcome, be a guest, come as a stranger and leave as a friend.

In this context, the reception desk is given maximum attention. As the flagship of the hotel, the hotel reception should communicate something special. Naturalness. Localness. Individualism.

Once installed in furniture, the MODIS FLEX virtually disappears, by virtue of its smart design. The unique mechanism folds flat into the table and the rear of the panel may also be veneered with the matching surface material: Glass, Corian, Leather.