InfoComm 2022 – Review

Want some highlights?

The robotic touchscreen FOLD! – in numerous variants. Very practical for large meetings. Especially in combination with colors and shapes adapted to the interior, additional cameras (“rotoCam“) or automatic touchscreen disinfection (“V-Free“).

Robotlike FOLD! – One-of-a-kind. Awarded.
rotoCam – high resolution cam especially designed for FOLD!
“Green Light” – Automatic Disinfection V-Free by ELEMENT ONE

For all who had the chance to visit us in Las Vegas: Thank you for stopping by the ELEMENT ONE booth!

At the show, we had on display the FOLD! 173 tablet-like screen with both the rotoCam and V-FREE options, along with the CONVERS ONE 240 GLASS with the all glass beezle and the VERSIS FLEX 220 which is similar to our MODIS FLEX, both of which fold into the table surface for low-profile installations.  Also on display were the CONMIC microphone and the SOCKET-X cable management connection box.