Board Room Mid-Brandenburgian Savings Bank

“A Vision in white.” Central to the project Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse, based in Potsdam, was the demand of creating places that reflect the identity and character of the Savings Bank. The form and color of all AV components – from the desktop connection panel, the loudspeaker to the monitor in the table – all had to be subordinated to this design principle.
The most representative example is the room for the board of directors: The unique, large and light table was created by the architecture & design office KINZO, Berlin. It unobtrusively houses all the necessary media technology components – including the all-white 22x TECNIS monitors. Say: all media technology, such as monitor, microphone system, speakers, conference system, controller, connections (HDMI, USB Charger, Schuko, etc.) cable management, are built exclusively in the table system – with the exception of 98 “displays on the wall.
At the same time high-quality and representative, the table offers space for up to 40 people and ensures easy handling and user-friendliness for the perfect support of presentation and discussion of the participants. The special thanks goes to all those involved in planning and execution: Designfunktion, Berlin; Thierische Consult, Vienna; PIK, Berlin.


(Pictures by courtesy of PIK AG, Berlin)