Retractable Monitors & Rooms – Part III

Integrated Monitors in Seminar & Training Rooms!

In furnishing a seminar room, the foremost concern is the analysis of the conveyed content and the resulting requirements for furniture and technology. For some subject areas, it is only necessary to ensure the visibility of a presentation, e.g. on a media wall. In turn, completely equipped, interactive workspaces may be required for EDP training sessions, computer-based tests and learning situations with a high practical share.
Retractable Touch screens can be used here as much as optionally connectable input media or interfaces for uncomplicated access to mobile storage media. Even the style of the conveyance, which can range from frontal instruction to the collective processing of the learning material, has its equivalent in the choice of the media technology. Ideal for a diversely useable seminar room, we offer transformable solutions with which the room can be flexibly adjusted to each of these scenarios.
The purchase and maintenance costs of the media technology are last but not least a critical factor in training rooms designed for large numbers of people. The crucial issue always remains: Each space receives the same quality of all the information.

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