Retractable Monitors & Rooms – Part II

Integrated Monitors in Conference Rooms!

The plans for the general concept of a conference room have their immediate equivalent in the distribution of expertise and the management culture practiced in the company. Hierarchical structures can be directly demonstrated or relativised through the arrangement of the seats, whether this is through separate seats for one or multiple chairpersons or the equal arrangement of all present at a round table.
And the choice of the integrated monitor technology lets you control the style and structure of the communication occurring there: Sample solutions here would include the equal equipping of all places with complete work stations or, on the contrary, providing screens that only allow participants to co-view centrally presented content. Here, too, it should be possible to fold or retract the ‪#‎monitors‬ and #AV technology into room structures or ‪#‎furniture‬, if need be. In order to ensure attention and concentration, not unintentionally.

Conferenz room and retractable Monitor

Integrated Monitors Conference Room Netherlands