SAKOM Health Disaster Coordination Center, Ankara

Situated at the HQ of Turkish Ministry of Health, SAKOM is a key situational awareness and decision-making body that focus on public health related tasks. All sorts of actions from a single patient based activity to multi-disciplinary operations to managing epidemics are tracked live at the center. Authorities related to certain situations can gather together easily at the Center and conduct coordination meetings to solve whatever the issue is.

No matter how small or big the tracked event is, as even a split second can make the difference between life & death, ability to process live data and responding in a timely manner is essential. MODIS series motorized monitors from ELEMENT ONE were the perfect fit when those needs were considered.

While choosing the right display solution for each and every participant, two major points were at the highlight:

  • Making all visual data available for the simultaneous viewing of participants during coordination meetings,
  • Making it possible for the participants to have individual control over their respective displays easily when needed.

MODIS FLEX 173 monitors from ELEMENT ONE not only covered those points, but also added a premium feeling to the meeting table. The MODIS FLEX 173 is a combined monitor keyboard unit. It is both elegant and precise in the movement mechanics. Highly flexible cables and torsion-resistant components ensure unparalleled longevity.

Monitors: MODIS FLEX 173
Integration: Altınova Elektronik, Ankara