Savings Bank branch with Integrated Monitors – University Kassel …

In the heart of the expanding University of Kassel, the recently completed Campus Center is the 85th and newest branch of Kasseler Sparkasse.
The design challenge: In the university’s futuristic architecture and at a very high visitor frequency, the planned student branch was designed to attract young people’s attention with an unusual and innovative appearance. The Kasseler Sparkasse transferred this task to the architects KRANZ Innen-Architekten. The project was realized by Julius Vey GmbH, the interior design specialist from Ehrenberg. For the design of the S-Campus, KRANZ took over components from the shop design & showroom design. Instead of the “typical” savings bank flair there is a young dynamic design in the center now.
The monitors are installed in the furniture and can be retracted as needed – so that the human being stands in the foreground despite the modern ambience. And: thanks to the motorized ROTATIS turntable Monitor, customers and employees can look at the screen together when needed and have a conversation at “eye level”. Exemplary!