Retractable Monitors & Rooms – Part IV

Integrated Monitors in Auditorium & Congress Hall!

Auditoriums and congress halls with a large number of seats can also be designed for more of a frontal presentation or for interactive communication. In symposiums and lectures, there is a clear separation between the speaker and the audience. In some circumstances, all the participants’ seats are not equipped with their own monitors, but rather only the podium places. The speaker should be able to use a monitor at his place to comfortably control a large-format presentation visible to the entire hall without losing visual contact with his audience.
But other scenarios are also conceivable: In a congress hall, the possibility of interaction and the ability to follow the presented data must be ensured for a large number of participants at each seat. Initially, this requires a different basic structure in the room planning. In the technical equipping of individual seats, it may be necessary to provide multiple competencies and optional access possibilities to media control and data resources: One delegate – one monitor. With or without integrated Conference Technology.

Retractable Monitors in Auditorium and Congress Hall

Senar Angola - Integrated Design Monitor