CONVERS ONE Series – NEW vertically retractable Monitors …

ELEMENT ONE extends the portfolio of retractable monitors in the “CONVERS” product line with the CONVERS ONE and now offers a cost effective solution with a wide range of options for daily AV business

Compact, retractable monitors made by ELEMENT ONE make meetings more effective. Foldable or retractable, they are integrated into the existing tables and thus support the multifunctionality of a meeting room as well as that of a boardroom or courtroom. The CONVERS ONE is now expanding the portfolio of retractable monitors Made in Germany with a model with many possibilities and variants at an attractive price.

Just like the CONVERS FLEX and the CONVERS BLADE, the CONVERS ONE moves in and out vertically and helps to plan new room concepts. Rooms can be designed with the monitors as convenient as visually appealing. With retractable monitors you are able to integrate audiovisual media technology invisibly in the room. “The question of where to put the notebook for a presentation does no longer exist with a retractable monitor,” says Thorsten Nees, Managing Director of ELEMENT ONE Multimedia GmbH. Microphone, speakers and much more can be integrated; the monitors can be integrated into the company’s own network and centrally controlled via TCP / IP.

2 become 3

“The CONVERS ONE turns our CONVERS series into a product family. With the new monitor, the series is even more versatile and allows a lot more options in the standard, especially in the entry area. “Starting with the CONVERS ONE over the CONVERS FLEX to the premium monitor CONVERS BLADE, which is only 8 mm thick, differ the models of the series mainly in look and included features. Thus, for example, no protective glass pane is included in the scope of delivery at entry level, but is available on request.

The main advantage of the CONVERS ONE: the well-known high performance and aesthetic design are available in six sizes – the FLEX offers three size variants and the BLADE currently has two sizes. The CONVERS ONE is milled from aluminum and the surface is powder-coated; on request in every possible RAL color. Like all ELEMENT ONE monitors, the CONVERS ONE is available for top- or below-installation. “And like all our monitors, the ONE is legendarily durable, even after 10 years of continuous operation.”

Features and functions of the CONVERS ONE at a glance
– available in monitor sizes 12.5 “, 15.6”, 17.3 “, 20.1”, 21.5 “, 24”
– aluminum, powder-coated (fine structure, matt)
– passive cooling system without ventilation openings
– precise stepper motor technology
– electronic clamp protection
– robust, maintenance-free construction
– mechanical protection against manual maloperation
– Low noise design