FOLD! – Breathtaking – Unique

With the FOLD! Element One releases a retractable monitor, which seems to hover just above the table like a tablet when extended

A desk-retractable monitor, despite all its features, is generally a static and functional element. With the FOLD! now ELEMENT ONE launches a stylish monitor that stretches forward like a robotic arm and, when extended, hovers above the table like a very elegant tablet. Equipped with a touch display, it can even be used like a tablet – in a comfortable working position and at any angle for the best view. On demand, a version without touch is also available.

“Our motivation for the development of the FOLD! was to allow real interaction and operation like a tablet” said Thorsten Nees, CEO of ELEMENT ONE Multimedia GmbH. Though the advantage of the FOLD! compared to a classic tablet is that it takes the ideal tablet position on the table, but still is not a single, additional device, but a part of the AV media technology – with all the security features and functions that are needed for a meeting or conference room. In addition, with its 17.3″ it is larger than a conventional tablet and thus provides a much more comfortable field of view. FOLD! is basically equipped with all the technical features that are known by ELEMENT ONE. “The idea was to get the best of all worlds connect.”

In addition to all functionality, the FOLD! Is impressive by its outstanding design. In its unique look, it is the first of its kind worldwide. Made of aluminum and glass, the elegant monitor appeals to all the senses – a good prerequisite for a positive mood and thus more effective communication at the table.

Features and functions of the FOLD! at a glance

  • 17.3 “touch-screen system, integratable into furniture
  • maintenance-free, virtually silent electronic lifting mechanism for extending / retracting the display
  • automatic display tilt 15 ° – 90 °
  • 8mm, milled aluminum monitor, silver anodized, 2 mm anti-reflection glass
  • Mechanics made of anodized aluminum, stainless steel, mounting frame and flap made of brushed stainless steel
  • LED illuminated TFT display, HDCP compatible, IPS, brightness 300 cd / m², contrast 700: 1, resolution 1920 x 1080 FullHD
  • HDMI interface
  • Remote control via TCP / IP (Ethernet) or contact closure (9-pin dSub)

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Made of aluminum and glass, the elegant monitor appeals to all senses.

The monitor of the FOLD! moves first vertically and then forward – and resembles a particularly elegant tablet in the extended state, which seems to hover just above the table.