ELEMENT ONE – The Team behind Innovations

The ELEMENT ONE Team knows how to manufacture high-end monitor solutions and AV Equipment. “Made in Germany” really means “Best skills and years of experience”. The development and manufacturing of integrated monitor systems for real multimedia furniture and environment requires not only creative ideas, but also an innovative – team – spirit and the diligence of precise knowledge about the concrete application scenarios. Product development at ELEMENT ONE does not occur in a vacuum – it is based on a broad foundation of project experience, knowledge about AV equipment, its current and long-term market developments and a feel for the needs of our partners and customers.

The close-knit network of control points that guarantee the constantly high quality standard at ELEMENT ONE in manufacturing Monitors & AV Equipment to being part of full functional Multimedia Furniture begins right with the incoming goods. This includes well conceived reports, a precise test of all production parts and a 100% check of the visible parts. Until final acceptance, a device passes through four testing stations and is also subject to a picture test programme and power and friction measurements. Mechanical components such as pinching protection and the velocity of the retraction mechanism are electronically adjusted in a precise way here by the Tech Team. After approval and final cleaning, the devices are subject to another visual inspectio nand packaged in special cartons – completeness with an exact package list and a final photo report of the content is guaranteed.

“But what is beneath the surface?” We work according to the motto: ”What you see is what you get” In perfection: each of our Products only the highest quality Components are installed. Even the most inconspicuous part meets the highest quality standards. Gears, milled parts or even miniscule washers leave no room for any inaccuracies in the build. Each component is completely tested for performance & longevity – extending the lifespan of the device. Then the sum of all parts is stringently tested by our Production team.

“We are ELEMENT ONE” – More about us, click here: Wir sind ELEMENT ONE – The Company and the Team