Integratable Monitor Solutions

Design & practical innovation have always been at the forefront of the ELEMENT ONE ethos. Retractable, Integratable Monitor solutions & AV equipment to make meetings smarter are fundamental to our DNA.

A refusal to compromise on quality materials, technical advancement & of course beautiful aesthetics drive this company forward. We pride ourselves to be and to stay the innovator in boardroom monitor technology today. 

Quantum leaps in monitor technology and AV equoment have all been addressed & incorporated as the processes developed in the marketplace. Their rapid inclusion into our standard range have brought us to the attention of many of the greatest decision makers in the world today, who rely on our screens & integrated retractable monitor solutions to drive their meetings, their court sessions, their parliamentary debates & their council congresses.

In partnership with the Architects & the Interior Design Community globally, we aim to provide solid & reliable, unobtrusive technology, elegantly Integratable Retractable Monitor solutions to facilitate communication & discourse.

An ELEMENT ONE monitor is like no other

We never shy away from any challenges – we find solutions tailored individually for you. Every detail counts. Each individual requirement, every little screw. Each “How can I help you?”. Everything. ELEMENT ONE works at this level across the globe, with partners, customers & design teams. And so we have some of the highest quality and unique products ever created around the world.  Retractable Monitor solutions made by us means also “We are ELEMENT ONE“.

To design simplicity is inherently & typically a difficult process. Each day we´re reflecting on clients experiences and our products – and asking ourselves constantly how we can improve ELEMENT ONE’s retractable monitors. We strive constantly to go back to basics in the product design, removing all parts that are superfluous, where only both the useful and beautiful essentials remain.

Element One Retractable Monitors – Discover the invisible!