DIGIMIC lean+ vision – Conference Solution perfectly integrated

DIGIMIC lean+ vision – BRAEHLER Technology inside

Compact symbiosis: The DIGIMIC conference solution with retractable monitor DIGIMIC lean+ vision is the latest version of the conference solution with a modular construction, now in combination with an electronic hub mechanism for the extension and retraction of the Full HD LED display panels in the sizes of 21.5″ or 17.3″.
The result is a high-quality video conference technology solution with uniform design using high-quality materials such as aluminum and glass. The integrated DIGIMIC lean+ technology opens up new options for the harmonious integration of conference technology with the conference monitor and flexible expansion options with data and media connections in a modern design-oriented building architecture.


Fully retractable – high-quality design

DIGIMIC lean+ vision is fully retractable into furniture surfaces. The automatic extension of the monitor is controlled by pressing a button on the device or via remote control interface. In addition to the microphone technology, the compact multimedia conference system is also equipped with a language selector, voting function, loudspeaker and headphone output. It can also be individually configured and assembled according to a customer’s desires and requirements up to a multi-touch overlay as well as a double Full HD camera. The silver anodized multimedia solution is also available with a powder coating in the color of your choice. Alternative designs instead of black acrylic glass are also possible for the monitor’s bezel..

High-quality design – long-lasting quality

A maintenance-free lift mechanism with 12-volt stepper motor guarantees a precise even speed. There is also an electronically regulated anti-trap protection for safety. DIGIMIC lean+ vision is equipped with compatible XLR 5-pin interfaces and can be integrated into any AV system. DIGIMIC lean+ vision is an investment in the future that is not only secure but also includes options for variable expansions.