Conference Hall County Osnabrück

In addition to implementing the most demanding representative and technical requirements, the challenge of re-equipping the big parliamentary meeting room was to combine the highest degree of flexibility with a minimum of effort as the multi-function room has to be reworked several times a week for a wide variety of events.

Thanks to the high adaptability of the Planes table system from HAWORTH, it was possible to realize the complete integration of media equipment of the podium tables including the retractable monitors CONVERS, the intuitive networking and control, the simple and multivariable configuration and concatenation, the optional use of leg room and rear wall panels or the time- , resource-saving and space-saving assembly and storage of the furniture.

The administrative district of Osnabrück is the higher-ranking municipal authority for the 34 cities and municipalities which are assigned to the county. In addition to the municipal policy management and development tasks of the district committee and specialist services, all official and reporting civil and commercial services from waste disposal to the approval of vehicles are also provided here and in the town halls of the town councils.








Images courtesy of HAWORTH