Bank & Consulting

The range of different sales and consulting situations that require the presence of a PC system and thus a monitor is broad.

Information at the touch of a button

The arrangement in the room and the positioning of the people involved actively influences the psychological processes, decisions and thus the result of the conversation. The chosen design and the values it signals, such as prestige or restraint, naturally reflect professionalism and customer orientation.

Client Tailored Information

If the data presented on the monitor are directly related and have consequences for the outcome of the sales or advisory discussion, the customer should be able to view them conveniently, whether by watching them on an optionally fold-out second monitor or by viewing them from both sides on a double-sided monitor.

Public Spaces

Equally relevant for the planning of the monitor solution is the location of the consultation area – in public spaces that are accessible even if the area is not occupied, there is naturally a stronger interest in protection against unauthorised access than in consultation areas in an office or closed building area.